Emil’s Jewelry joining three religious Symbols in a “Symbol of Love” (video)

August 5, 2017 6:30 PM

Emil Hadzimuratovic created jewelry for Pope Francis two years ago when he visited Sarajevo. Due to the discussion caused by the large crescent moon and small cross and David’s star, Emil decided to make one more version of the collection, in which the cross is in the center plan.

The new collection “La vie en Prag,” just like the previous, represents a collective interpretation of the religious symbols of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, the three religions which have been living in Sarajevo for centuries.

Hadzmuratovic, who is living in Nice for several years now and is one of the founders of the French brand Prag Jewelry Paris, emphasizes that the decision to put the cross in the center was driven by critiques from the previous collection, since the crescent moon was larger than the other two symbols in that one.

“Our jewelry is dedicated to modern people and we speak about love, not religion. Many people interpret this jewelry as a provocation, instead of as a connection between love and toleration,” Emil said for Klix.ba.

Our jewelry is sold in many cities, such as Paris, Nice, Barcelona and Milan, while versions of the jewelry given to Pope Francis were won by some lucky readers of one magazine in a contest.

“We deal with symbolism, connecting unrelated symbols in a symbol of love on precious metals. We also collections that talk about the sea and earth which, if we didn’t join them in a beautiful piece of jewelry, they’d never join by themselves,” Hadzimuratovic said, proudly adding how the jewelry will be exhibited at the World Peace Conference in Marseilles.

He emphasized that the brand, even though it’s French, is actually very connected to our country where Emil was born and how he hopes that this collection will contribute to interpersonal understanding and coexistence in peace and love despite differences.

Ivo Komšić, the then mayor of Sarajevo, gave Pope Francis the jewelry, which were made out of silver since the pope doesn’t wear any other metals.

Take a look at the collection of Prag Jewelry Paris

(Source: klix/ photo screenshot)


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