Embassy of Qatar allocates some 130,000 BAM for BiH’s Archive Reconstruction

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Archive possesses rich and valuable archival material, documents about 14 kilometers long, and, same of them date from the Austro-Hungarian period until the last 1992-1995 war in BiH.

Because of the unsuitable rooms where humid air and microorganisms are present, archival material is endangered and susceptible to decay.

Embassy of Qatar has received a request for a donation on March 26th this year, specifically for renovating rooms no. 13, in which the archival material of historical importance for BiH, in the amount of 128.512,51 BAM. The state of Qatar has approved these funds.

This donation will initiate the project “Reconstruction of BiH Archive”, which aims to ultimately provide the ideal conditions for the storage and protection of archive material of invaluable value.

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