Elvis Smajlovic returned to BiH and established successful Company that fully exports to Germany

The village of Suhaca, near Sanski Most, has grown into the center of development for the last few years and the place where successful business stories of this region have started.

“Delta Plus”, is just one company there which is launched by Elvis Smajlovic, who has been living abroad for over two decades.

“The Delta Plus company manufactures PVC for the international market, cooperating with the sister company Delta GmBH from Germany and the business partners of the founder. We are pleased that we are today a positive story and that we have enabled local workforce to work, upgrade and build the company since mid-2017 when we started off with this project, “director Dijana Nalic said.

Mrs. Nalic says that it is extremely important to start a company that will follow these standards, but also train the workers. They have about 58 employees, mostly young people, and our average age is about 26 years.

She added that the strict deadlines and high demands of the German market also determine their work. “Based on already contracted jobs and demand, there is a need for constant investment in technology and infrastructure. Here, we want to offer an alternative to young professionals, provide them with adequate education and a chance to progress. Today, with such a valuable team, we export 100% of our products to Germany, “she adds.

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