Elvedin Okeric is the New Chairman of the Canton Sarajevo Assembly

Four members of the leadership of the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton held a meeting today, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, at which it was unanimously decided that Elvedin Okeric will be the chairman of the Assembly in the next period.

The proposal for his appointment was given by Danijela Kristic, who, along with Vibor Handzic and Smiljana Viteskic, will continue to hold the position of vice-chairmen of the Canton Sarajevo Assembly, Klix.ba writes.

Considering that the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Assembly of CS cannot be from the same constituent people, this appointment was waited for until the parties of the four reach an agreement on the new Prime Minister of the canton.

Representatives of the new parliamentary majority decided that the new prime minister of CS would be Edin Forto, which would mean that Vibor Handzic cannot automatically be the chairman of the Assembly.


(Photo: bild.ba)

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