Edin Gali part of the acting Crew of the American Show “MacGyver”

A famous actor of BH origin, Edin Gali, who successfully builds his career at Hollywood, is now part of the acting crew of American show “MacGyver”.

This is an action-adventure TV show, focusing on the 20-year-old Angus MacGyver, a young man who is working for secret organization within the US government, and whose manageability knows no boundaries. The main roles in the show are Lucas Till and George Eads.

“I got the role as a ‘guest star’ in the show. I will be engaged almost in the whole episode, and I am acting mobster Omar, “ Edin Gali said to

He explained that this is the 16th episode of the second season of the popular show, and the shooting takes place in Atlanta. He also gave a photography from the studio.

So, our public heard of Edin Gali for the first time when he won the prestigious Emmy Award for the best supporting role in the mega-hit show “Mad Men”.

After the role which raised his rating in Hollywood, Gali had a notable roles in “Hemingway & Gellhorn” (2012), where his partner was Nicole Kidman, and “Fury” (2014) where he was face to face with the famous Brad Pitt.

Gali’s father is from Velika Kladusa, where he was born, and his mother is from Buzim. With six years, or more precisely in 1993, he left Velika Kladusa and Bosnia and Herzegovina and went to Germany with his parents, and then to the United States, where he became a successful Hollywood actor.



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