Edin Forto is the New Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo

By the decision of the representatives of the new parliamentary majority in Canton Sarajevo, which consists of: Our Party, People and Justice, Social Democratic Party of BiH, Independent List of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Club of Independent Representatives, Edin Forto will be the Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo.

“Edin Forto successfully led the Government of the Six. The desire of the citizens for his return has been shown continuously and the results of the last elections are partly an expression of that desire. It is about the Government that has enjoyed the greatest support of citizens since the end of the war until today. In that sense, Edin Forto, as a former Prime Minister, is one of the most recognizable personifications of that Government and an expression of our aspiration to continue the work we started in 2018. With his return to the post of Prime Minister, we also want to restore the trust of citizens in the institutions of the Canton in the extremely demanding recovery period ahead. He is an experienced prime minister and this will greatly facilitate our intention to start working on the first day of the appointment of the new Government. There is little time ahead of us, so in that sense, even one day of waiting would be a luxury that we must not allow ourselves. The agreement of the representatives of the Four as well as the independent representatives is to continue where we left off and that the year that was abducted by the Coalition Friday the 13th must not be an obstacle for us to implement the agreed measures. This means that we will compensate for the objective lack of time by intensifying work. The expression of our readiness for this challenge are the ambitious measures and principles of work of the new parliamentary majority that we presented two days ago. We are convinced that our work will be successful and that at the end of the mandate, the citizens of Sarajevo Canton will be satisfied with what has been done, especially in the field of combating the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of health and economy, which will be our priority,” is stated in the announcement of the parties of the new parliamentary majority and the Club of Independent Representatives.

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