Edin Dzeko paid Tribute to Victims of Massacre at Tuzla Gate


That May 25th will always be deeply engraved in the memory of Tuzla, but also of all other patriots in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It has been 25 years since the horrific massacre at Tuzla’s Kapija.

On that Thursday, May 25, 1995, 71 young people were killed and about 200 were seriously or lightly wounded by a grenade fired from the position of the Army of Republika Srpska on Mount Ozren.

Today, the captain of the football national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Džeko, once again paid tribute to the victims.  His message is clear, and it says that what happened at the Tuzla Gate will never be forgotten. Dzeko posted a photo of the memorial plaque at the Gate.

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