Economical progress for Bosnia and Herzegovina expected in 2014?

November 28, 2012 12:51 PM

The economical progress of the region, as well as of Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected in 2014, claims one of the leading world economist of the European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development, Peter Sanfey.

Sanfey points out that Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot of potential, but also warns about the fact that the economic model of growth will not return the same as it was before the period of crisis, but that B&H needs to investigate all obstacles for further good function of the economy. He also said for the press, that there is a general problem of the inability of attracting foreign investment in Southeast Europe and that the number of foreign investments is in its decline these past several years.

” When we talk about the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I think that the investors are particularly careful because of the small economic growth and the unfavorable business environment. ”- explains Sanfey.

This economy expert also adds that the thing that rejects the investors is the complex political structure. His basic recommendations for Bosnia and Herzegovina are to call upon the Government to improve the business environment, to stabilize the political situation and make progress to the EU membership.

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