Economic Activity in BiH slightly increased Last Year

March 9, 2017 8:00 AM


Economic activity of BiH was modestly increased in the last year, with almost half slower growth in comparison to the rate of 3.1 % from the year before, with especially low growth that was recorded in the first half of the last year, as announced from the Directorate for Economic Planning of BiH in the bulletin “Economic Trends”.

Improvement with slightly higher real growth was registered in the third quarter last year. The main sources of growth that was recorded last year were exports of goods with the real rate of almost 5 %, as well as slight increase in the final consumption, with the stagnation of investments in fixed assets.

The increase of export, as well as slight increase in domestic demand, led to a real increase in imports, which also led to a slight real increase of foreign trade deficit, despite its nominal reduction.

All of this took place under conditions of rapid growth in the environment, as well as the reduction of world prices that mainly led to the decline of export and import prices in BiH, and the deflation of 1.3 % during the same period last year.

Economic growth in the region largely determines economic developments in BiH, not just when it comes to export demand but also when it comes to financing part of final consumption and investments.

That impact manifested last year primarily through exports while the inflow from financing domestic demand was quite more modest.

The significant nominal growth of exports of goods and services by 4.7 % was mainly the result of the acceleration of economic growth of some of the most important countries in the region, particularly from the Eurozone.



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