A Dutchman is searching for a Girl from Gorazde

The Dutchman Erik Kaa was an observer and negotiator during the war in BiH. He saved an eight-year-old Muslim girl from Gorazde who was separated from her parents and Serbian soldiers wanted to capture her.

“A five-year-old girl was with her grandmother and grandfather when the war started and she could not return to her parents. On the request of her grandma, I started negotiating with the Serbian authorities and I finally received Karadzic’s personal letter as a guarantee,” said Kaa.

He started the mission of returning the girl to Sarajevo with his French colleague. He recalled that it was difficult because they had to go through seven checkpoints, waiting for hours for everyone to check the letter, and all of them wanted to take the girl from them.

“Negotiators are not armed, we only had our mouths to save us. It was never more stressful because we felt responsible for that girl, and every soldier wanted to hurt her because she was an enemy for them,” said Kaa.

They returned the girl from Gorazde, where she was from 1992 to her parents in Sarajevo in the middle of the war and siege in 1994. He is now trying to find her and get any information about her.

“Twenty-three years later, I am thinking about who is this young woman, she was happy, did we do well? What if … Help me find her and find out if she is alive and how her grandmother and grandfather died,” he posted on his Facebook.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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