During three Years, 307 Migrants were suspected of Criminal Acts

Over the past three years, 307 migrants have been suspected of various criminal acts committed in the Canton Sarajevo (CS).

According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of CS, which were stated in the information submitted to the Cantonal Assembly, in 2018, 58 criminal acts were committed for which 99 migrants were suspected.

Attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery, and theft are among those acts.

In 2019, 113 criminal acts were committed, which were charged against 109 migrants who were suspected of causing serious and minor injuries, endangering safety, lewd acts, and attacking an official.

Last year, 115 crimes were committed, including four murders for which 99 migrants were charged.

The report notes that one of the biggest problems faced by the police is the impossibility of establishing and confirming identities, thus making it more difficult to prosecute perpetrators of criminal acts and misdemeanors, since the communication is difficult primarily due to language barriers and their refusal to cooperate with police officers.

The Cantonal MIA has issued conclusions emphasizing the lack of human and material-technical capacities, and demands urgent relief of the Blazuj reception camp, because more than 3.000 migrants are accommodated there, while the capacities allow only 2.400.

Also, the relocation of reception centers outside urban zones is requested, and the opening of the Bijambare quarters is one of the proposals.

MIA proposes the placement of reception centers throughout BiH, but along the border, in order to prevent the penetration on the territory of BiH and to advance the work of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs.

Urgent amendments to the Asylum Act and the Act on Foreigners are also required, as well as regulations to enable inspection bodies to operate.

“Appropriate measures should be taken without any delay and initiatives should be sent to the Ministry of Security in the Council of Ministers, IOM, and instances at the level of BiH based on which it would prevent the further uncontrolled transfer, reception and accommodation of migrants in detention centers in CS,” they point out from the cantonal MIA.

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