Drivers will not need Vignettes to enter Centar and Stari Grad in Sarajevo?

June 4, 2017 2:00 PM

sunny sarajevoVignettes will not be introduced in the city center after all, as it was originally planned by the Draft Law on the regulation of traffic in Canton Sarajevo. It was planned for drivers to pay a fee when entering the city center with a car. However, according to the Minister of Transport of CS Mujo Fiso, they gave up on this idea.

“We have discussed the inner core of the city a lot, and we gave the proposal to introduce vignettes. However, in the end, we decided that the Government will define the red zone only in extreme cases, at a time of increased air pollution,” noted Minister Fiso.

In the public debate on the Draft Law, the Municipality of Stari Grad had objections on the introduction of vignettes. They were against because there are no alternative roads for citizens to use in order to avoid the city center.

If the new Law on traffic is adopted at the session of the Assembly, it will bring some novelties.

“From now on, all damaged and unregistered vehicles that are usurping public parking lots and sidewalks will be removed. Owners of those cars will be paying all costs of removal. So far, this was not possible and those vehicles were rotting in the parking lots for years,” said the Minister.

There will be also some changes when it comes to removing garbage, which will be done in the municipalities Centar and Stari Grad until 7 PM. With the new law, placing the containers on pavements, footpaths, public parking lots and sidewalks will be strictly forbidden.

Examination for the tram drivers will also be regulated by the new law. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Education, Science and Youth will make regulations on the way of taking this exam. As Minister Fiso explained, the council and sector for traffic safety will be formed with the aim of better prevention in traffic.




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