Drivers in Bosnia-Herzegovina owe 70 Million BAM of unpaid Traffic Fines!



Drivers in Bosnia-Herzegovina owe a total of 69,626,103 BAM of unpaid traffic fines. The largest amount, as much as 43,567,916 BAM, was owed by drivers from the Federation of BiH entity, while those from the RS entity collected 22,963,412 BAM of debt. Drivers from Brcko District owe 3.094.115 BAM, according to the data from the Identification Documents, Records and Exchanges Agency (IDDEEA).

Most owed is the driver from the Sarajevo municipality of Stari Grad, who has collected as much as 145,534 BAM of debt. He is followed by a driver from Brcko with 77.360 BAM and then a driver from Maglaj with 63.638 BAM of debt. They are followed by a driver from Trebinje with 60,668 BAM, and from Modrica with 60,096 BAM of unpaid fines.

According to IDDEEA, the most common offenses committed by drivers relate to speeding of 10 to 20 kilometers per hour more than the maximum prescribed, and 20 to 30 kilometers per hour more than the maximum prescribed speed on off-road roads. The second basis for frequency-based punishment is driving in a motor vehicle without a seat belt and then operating the vehicle without the correct appliances and equipment.

One of the more common grounds for punishing negligent drivers is the unlawful stopping and parking of vehicles, according to Avaz news portal.



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