Drama “Kamen” in Kamerni teatar 55

December 17, 2012 11:14 AM

Drama ” Kamen” will be performed on Thursday at 20:00 p.m. on the stage of Kamerni teatar 55.

Drama ” Kamen” is a theater piece by a German playwright Mauris Von Mayenberg. Dino Mustafić directed this theater piece for the stage and the roles in this drama are enacted by Jasna Diklić, Dragan Jovičić, Gordana Boban, Zana Marjanović, Tatjana Šojić and Jelena Kordić.

”Kamen” is a story about an ordinary family in an unordinary time. The text speaks about a lie that has survived through generations.

” Kamen” (stone), as a symbol of that lie, carries the reference of home, house, resistance and guilt.

According to the director of this theater piece, the text is very complex and emotional. It is also written in fragmented language and encompasses a period of several historically important years. It is a story about a delayed truth that can be very dramatic for the generations that do not know how to deal with it. The drama basically deals with the question of metaphoric guilt of those who are not to blame for anything, and as such it represents a deep intellectually engaged theater piece.


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