Draft Plan for Capacity Building and Training officially signed

August 28, 2017 4:45 PM

On August 25th this year, Colonel Mario Andrić from the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) Joint Staff and Colonel Tunser Avsar, in charge for EUFOR’s Capacity Building and Training Programme (CB&T) for AFBiH, signed the draft 2018 CB&T Plan. This plan is based on the Road Map Agreement 2017-2020 and reflects the training requirements of the Armed Forces of BiH supported by EUFOR. Along with military skills and leadership training, EUFOR has enabled a significant range of capability enhancing training events including the dismantling and delaboration of surplus and outdated ammunition as well as disaster relief operations.

Signing this draft at an early stage is essential to have a solid basis for further planning and coordination. EUFOR’s troop contributing nations need to be addressed as well to support with subject matter experts (SME), mobile training teams (MTT) and mobile monitoring and mentoring teams (MMT). Simultaneously AFBiH prepare their training guidance and budget planning.

Developing the capacity and capabilities of the Armed Forces of BiH is one of the most important tasks for EUFOR. Through everyday joint activities, experienced multinational teams pass on knowledge and skills in accordance with the highest international standards.

(Source: eufor)



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