Domestic Company from Bosnia-Herzegovina starts exporting Water to United Arab Emirates


The first bottles of water from the bottling plant in Kijevo will head to Dubai in March next year. The owner of the factory, Svanimir Krestelica, confirmed this for Biznis Info news portal, emphasizing that all administrative procedures have been completed, and that in the spring the factory, worth around 2.5 million BAM, will start working soon.

“The capacity of the plant is such that we can fill about 2,500 bottles of half a liter and a liter, and 500 pieces of a can of five liters per hour. This means that we would fill about 4,000 cans of five liters and 20,000 smaller bottles in one working shift,” Krestelica explained.

In addition to the domestic market, he added, they plan to export to Dubai, which is among the first destinations on their business map.

“We have signed a business cooperation agreement with one company in Dubai. We have high expectations of this investment and I am sure that we can fight for quality in our place in the market,” said Krestelica.

He believes that it is necessary to raise the awareness of citizens about buying domestic products, because that would save about 180 million BAM annually, as much as BiH raises for imported water.



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