Domestic and International Representatives visited Camp Lipa

The Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina Johann Sattler, the Ambassadors of Germany and Austria to our country, and numerous representatives of international organizations arrived at the Lipa site near Bihac, where they saw the living conditions of hundreds of migrants and refugees.

They were joined in this tour by the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Selmo Cikotic, then the representatives of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and the Prime Minister of the Una-Sana Canton, Mustafa Ruznic.

Most of the migrants and refugees have been relocated in recent days from what is left of the former reception camp, to a nearby landscaped plot with military tents.

They were provided with heating, food rations and medical assistance, electricity supply, and the issue of sanitary facilities and showers, ie maintaining personal hygiene, was resolved.

The Service for Foreigners has completely restricted entry into the controlled area, and it is still unknown whether there will be an official address to the media.

After visiting the Lipa site, a meeting is planned with the Mayor of Bihac, Suhret Fazlic, which will not be open to the public.

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