Dodik: Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina to “release” 2.5 billion BAM


Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik will propose today at the Bosnian Presidency session for the Central Bank of BiH “release” 2.5 billion BAM.

He explained that he would propose to banks to reduce the required reserve rate in order to leave more money for citizens and the economy. Namely, it will exercise the authority that the BiH Presidency has over the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I will ask for the negative reserve requirement to be abolished, to be reduced by half, that is, to be 5 percent. This would free up 2.5 billion BAM of liquid assets through the Central Bank of BiH, which would affect banks’ liquidity and the ability to monitor economic developments,” Dodik said. He added that he believes Komsic and Dzaferovic will agree to this because it is in the interest of the banking sector in the FBiH as well. The BiH Presidency session will be held today in Sarajevo.

“We try to follow the measures of the bankers and reduce the negative consequences. I am grateful to the bankers for reacting quickly to discuss how we can maintain liquidity and how to support the economy. In this respect, only a complete system of measures can help solve problems,” Dodik said.



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