Do You know the Story about Town Gate at the entrance to Zvornik?

It is interesting that in Zvornik was imprisoned and later murdered, a famous leader of the First Serbian Uprising Stojan Čupić known as the Dragon of Noćaja.

The Turks caught him fraudulently. Ali-Pasha Vidajić, the master of Zvornik kept him one month in prison in Lower Town (Town Gate) at the entrance to Zvornik. Ali-Pasha’s mother promised to save him, but the Turks strangled him at night, and she mourned over him as her son.

He was buried in the old Orthodox cemetery which is located next to the road from Zvornik to Tuzla, and in 1988 his remains were moved to Salaš Noćajski.

Town Gate is a part of Lower City complex within Zvornik’s fort and one of the most recognizable town symbols. It used to be a space (in about 1900) where were military barracks and horse stables, ammunition and guns depot.

Town Gate was chosen to be an official souvenir of Zvornik. Once surrounded by walls and fences is now the witness of a time, “tells” about its past, and over the centuries sees off and welcomes every guest and passerby, Zvorniktourism reports.

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