Do Consumers in Bosnia know their Rights?

Despite the pandemic due to which the incomes of many were reduced during last year, and about 30 thousand people lost their jobs, the prices of food products in particular, as citizens say, are rising. As internet trade has significantly increased with the appearance of coronavirus in our country, as well as various restrictions, consumer associations warn that the number of frauds in online shopping has also increased.

The prices of fruit, vegetables, and other food products are rising, since the prices of some items, such as protective masks, are adjusted by traders depending on the day of the month. That is why it seems that there is no pandemic when it comes to measures to limit price growth to protect consumers.

In addition to turbulent prices, online shopping, which has increased due to COVID 19, is also potentially unsafe for customers, as they warn from the Association of Consumers.

”Our citizens are often being tricked through certain social networks and certain websites that are registered as online stores. It is even more symptomatic that these are older people who are less mobile, people who could not go out to buy what they need because of the coronavirus situation,” Gordana Bulic states, from the Association “Consumer Club” of Tuzla Canton (TC).

”We intend to promote this Consumer Protection Act since we have the impression that people, more precisely the consumers of this area, do not know their rights, ” says Zeljana Pjevalica, from the Women’s Association “Nature” Bratunac.

Buyers themselves agree that consumers are not protected, but, as they add, they do not even show the will to get protection.

Therefore, Associations for consumer protection will respond to customer complaints and implement the necessary measures, while the majority of BiH citizens will have to wait for improved standard in order to experience “comfortable” shopping, BHRT writes.

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