Disciplinary Measure ordered for Student who celebrated BiH Statehood Day

The director of the “Petar Kocic” Elementary School near Doboj, Mevlida Dervisefendic, punished a Bosniak student by reducing her grade in behaviour because she was celebrating BiH Statehood Day.

The student was absent from class that day, and her parents received a written decision from the school principal.

”As it is evident that the mentioned holiday is not defined by the Law, it is clear that she was appointed by her absence from classes on November 25, 2020, she committed a minor violation of student duties, and based on that she was sentenced to an educational and disciplinary measure reprimanded by the class teacher.”

It is added that an objection can be filed against this decision. It is submitted to the School Board within eight days of receiving the decision.

Likewise, “a disciplinary measure can be mitigated or abolished if there are positive changes in student behavior,” the statement said

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