Director of the Intelligence and Security Agency acquitted of Charges

The director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA), Osman Mehmedagić, and the employee of that agency, Muhamed Pekić, were acquitted today by the verdict of the Court of BiH. The court found that the defendants had no direct intent to produce direct harm to the aggrieved M. B. and A.O. He stated that the testimony of the witness was clear and convincing and that the operation had started earlier, and that there was no basis for destroying the collected data. Mehmedagic and Pekic were tried for taking the recordings from the BH Post office in Sarajevo, where the Prosecution considered that it was done illegally and for the “private needs of the OSA director”. Two days ago, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH filed a new indictment against the director of OSA, but also the Minister of Security of BiH, Selma Cikotić, and Muriz Druškić, for alleged abuse of position or authority, in connection with security checks. The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina previously refused to confirm the indictment in the same case, because, as it was said at the time from that judicial institution, no well-founded suspicion was established that the essential features of the criminal offense of abuse of position or authority were achieved.

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