Direct Flights to more than 20 Destinations in the World from BH Airports

airportWith four international airports in BiH (Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar and Banja Luka), citizens of BiH and tourists are able to travel to more than 20 destinations around the world.

From the Sarajevo International Airport currently operate 12 airlines that are linking Sarajevo with 13 cities. These are Zagreb, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, Oslo, Cologne, Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Sharjah, as stated from Sarajevo Airport.

When it comes to new airlines, from the Sarajevo International Airport said that the negotiations with Qatar Airways are in the final stage and that they expect to establish a direct line from Sarajevo to Doha by the end of the year.

“On the Airport Tuzla, airlines currently operate to eight destinations with two to four flights a week by destination, depending on the interest of passengers for that destination,” as stated from the Tuzla Airport.

Destinations are: Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo (Sweden), Dortmund, Frankfurt and Memmingen (Germany), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Basel (Switzerland), which is three to five destinations daily.

The citizens of BiH and neighboring countries can fly on the mentioned destinations, as well as other destinations in Europe and outside of Europe where Wizz Air flies, with the so-called combined tickets, as stated from the Tuzla Airport.

They also announced that flights to Berlin – Schönefeld (Germany) and Billund (Denmark) will begin by the end of the year with two flights a week and tickets are already on sale.

“Mostar Airport is mainly concentrated on charter flights because our end users (tourism, especially religious) request that,” as announced from the Mostar Airport.

When it comes to the direct flights from the only airport in Herzegovina, they have regular charter flights to Rome, Bari and Naples on every Tuesday and Friday.

On the International Airport Banja Luka currently exist one regular line, Banja Luka – Belgrade – Banja Luka, five times a week, through Air Serbia.

Airport Banja Luka is currently in negotiations for opening of new lines, and when they get concrete agreements, they will inform the public.


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