Direct Flight Zagreb – Mostar to be established in June 2018?

Croatia Airlines will establish flights between Zagreb and Mostar again next summer after a 20 years long break.

Negotiations between this company and the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton started in the month of September, and although the agreement on flight schedules are yet to be conducted, it is expected that this line will be established in June 2018, with at least two flights per week.

The Government of the FBiH has issued a decision and approved 1 million BAM for subsidizing the establishment of this line.

As stated, the Airport Mostar has many seasonal and charter flights, and they are mostly intended for pilgrims and tourists that are visiting Medjugorje. But, the number of passengers in the last 11 months was significantly decreased in comparison to last year.

However, an increase could be recorded this year because Eurowings will establish flights from Dusseldorf and Stuttgart to Mostar in the month of May, and there is also the planned line Zagreb-Mostar.

The Government of FBiH allocated 3.6 million BAM this year to PE Airport Mostar for the improvement of air traffic. These funds are intended for the construction of a cargo center, extension of the runway and installing a new lighting.


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