Designers Mateja and Neira are winning Fashion Scene with High Fashion for Everyday Outfits

August 29, 2017 9:15 AM

Mateyaneira brand brought the touch of the Hollywood glamor on the red carpet of the Sarajevo Film Festival this year, and behind this brand are young designers Mateja Dujic and Neira Sinanbasic. Numerous lovers of high-fashion designs, including the host of the Program of SFF Maja Cengic, wore their timeless creations of minimalist design that left no one indifferent.

“We had a certain concept for the 23rd SFF, according to which we created sketches for each creation, and we were thinking of who would present these ideas when we created the sketches, which had a considerable impact on the idea itself. We started with the process of production immediately after the presentation of the design and material samples since none of our ideas had a change, which is a sign that we recognized the personal style of our ambassadors on a red carpet,” said Neira.

“Since we are considering hyper-production as irresponsible and harmful, we are trying to nurture a responsible and thoughtful approach to the fashion in which, besides design, we put the quality of the material and the ethics of the production at the first place. Our clothes are a result of skillful tailors who are hand making everything in a small creative space, in order for you to get a unique product that will successfully last for a long time,” said Mateja.

Neira also added that their goal is durability and personalized and successful relationships with their clients through durability and personalization of their designs. They consider that the product should be tested on themselves and that they are wearing Mateyaneira’s items whenever they have the opportunity.

“Our design is intended for all women who like aesthetics and the energy of our collection. I believe that our designs are not just for a particular group, but we created things with a certain attitude – one either has that attitude or does not, someone likes our clothes or not,” they said.

They believe that the BH fashion scene is good and noted that there are numerous designers who are working and creating.

“Fashion industry is a quite broad term and not all of its parts are responsible and ethical, so it is up to people to choose and decide what they want to support and what not. I feel that our domestic design should be advertised as organic food – that is the clothes that you know where and how it was produced, where workers are paid according to the standards of the country, where you support at least four people by purchasing a product, and thus the standard of living,” said Neira, adding that she and Mateja are working with the leather that was produced in Visoko.

Mateja and Neira are planning to place their products in as many concept stores as possible in the region and abroad, as well as to continue with the development of their product line.

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