Departure of the first Group of Pilgrims from BiH to Mecca on August 17

August 3, 2017 10:45 AM

The first group of future pilgrims from Bosnia and Herzegovina will start their trip to fulfilling the biggest religious obligation of every Muslim, the obligation of Hajj, on August 17.

All preparations for the departure of the planned 1,800 future pilgrims from BiH in Mecca have been completed.

“This year, we planned 1,800 pilgrims through the Office for Hajj of the Islamic Community in BiH, because this year we had a bigger interest than in the last four years when we had a decrease of 20 % in comparison to 2012. Our number was 1.400 or 1.411 pilgrims,” said Nezim Halilovic, the Director of the Office for Hajj and Umra.

He said that they got the old quota this year, which is 2,000 – 2,100 pilgrims. Regardless of the fact that they had a slight increase in the price, the interest was still higher than expected.

“As for the departure time, we have scheduled flights from August 17 to 21. The brochure material that was delivered to our pilots is from 17 to 20, however, we could not fit the last flight or the extra 10th plane in that time frame, so the last flight will be probably conducted on August 21. The first two planes are scheduled on August 17, four planes on August 18, three planes on August 19, and the last plane on August 21,” said Halilovic.

“When it comes to our preparations in Saudi Arabia, everything is completed as planned. This year, the electronic system that connects every pilgrim was slightly improved,” stated Halilovic.

According to him, they are currently conducting education of future pilgrims, whose completion is scheduled on Thursday, August 10.




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