Delegation from BiH attends INTERPOL General Assembly in Chile


Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Mektic leads the delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina at this year’s INTERPOL General Assembly in Chile. Ministers, police chiefs and security experts will discuss a number of global security issues during the four-day session. In addition to Mektic, the BiH delegation also includes Director of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies, Mirsad Vilic.

International Criminal Police Organization is an inter-governmental organization with branches in 194 member countries, helping police in all of them to work together to make the world a safer place.

National and regional efforts in combating terrorism, organized crime and cybercrime with operational support from INTERPOL will be addressed during the four-day (15 – 18 October) conference.

In each country, an INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) provides the central point of contact for the General Secretariat and other NCBs. An NCB is run by national police officials and usually sits in the government ministry responsible for policing.

For more than 100 years, police across the globe have been cooperating to prevent and fight crime.

While some of the basic crimes remain unchanged over the years (murder, robbery) other crimes have followed technological, economic and sociological developments in our world (such as cybercrime and people smuggling).

Policing has also advanced in line with developments in technology. Until the 1980s, when our records were computerized, data was processed and analyzed manually.

In 1935, we launched a dedicated radio network for sharing police information while today’s secure web-based system allows police to check our databases in real-time from the frontline.

Yet the very first initiatives to discuss extradition procedures, identification techniques and record keeping are still at the heart of our role today. Locating fugitives remains a core activity, biometrics have replaced paper fingerprints and our databases contain millions of global records of criminal data.

We began as the International Criminal Police Commission, created in 1923, and became the International Criminal Police Organization-INTERPOL in 1956.


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