Decrease in Perpetrated Criminal Offences by Juveniles in Bosnia and Herzegovina

September 1, 2020 11:45 AM


In 2019, Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina resolved 489 reports (charges) on perpetrated criminal offences for juvenile persons, which was 46 charges less or 8,6 % lower in comparison with the previous year. Out of the total number of reports (charges) on crimes committed by juveniles in 2019, by type of decision for 53,78 % of them complaints were dismissed, 6,54 % of preparatory procedure was terminated and for 39,67 % of the cases a proposal to impose sanctions was submitted.

In the same period, 126 decisions were made, which was 8 (decisions) more (commencement of new legislation). Out of the total number of reported juvenile persons 25,77 % were the accused juveniles. The total number of convicted juvenile persons is 116, which is 21 (convicted) juvenile more than the previous year, 22,11 %, according to the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There were 116 criminal sanctions imposed, out of which 93,97% were educational-correctional measures, and 6,03 % were juvenile imprisonment sentences.


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