Deaf-mute Boy Zejd spoke his Name with the Help of His Friends from School

May 11, 2017 12:15 PM

Zejd CoralicThe story of the second grader from the Primary School Osman Nakas in Sarajevo must touch your heart.

Zejd Coralic, a deaf-mute boy, started speaking his first words after two years of schooling.

All of this would not be possible without the commitment of his teachers Sanela Ljumanovic, as well as Zejd’s peers, who helped him to achieve what makes many admire him today.

Teacher Sanela accepted Zejd in her class two years ago without thinking twice, although she was not really ready. The teacher did not know the sign language.

But she did not want to give up. She motivated all of their other students to learn sign language together in order to be able to communicate with their friend. The result is really great – Zejd can pronounce few words now!

Zejd learned to pronounce his own name and the name of the school he attends, and he also knows to say something about his school lessons.

Everyone agreed that this is a major breakthrough for a boy that the entire class is proud of, but also a beautiful story about a community that did everything possible to help Zejd.




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