Danis Tanovic will direct the Series “Success” for American HBO

February 13, 2018 3:30 PM

For the first time in a rich career, the Oscar winner Danis Tanovic, will direct the series, which is produced by the American HBO. This is a series “Success” that was created according to the scenario of Marjan Alcevski, and was announced as “the bitter poem dedicated to the city of Zagreb, which brings a dark insight into the different structures of today’s society, through the life stories of ordinary people who were pushed over the edge by that society”.

“Marjan Alcevski’s scenario is written very well, and I am really happy that HBO recognized the quality and offered me the cooperation, “ Tanovic pointed out.

“Although this series may seem at first glance that it is all about Zagreb, ‘Success’ is a universal, layered story in which we examine currently prevailing feelings of frustration, helplessness and passivity in the everyday life of ordinary people in the region and beyond, through love, work, family, loyalty, insecurity and crime,” the Croatian Audiovisual Center announced.

It is a multi-layered drama focusing on powerful characters, three complete strangers, which are linked through the unlucky sequence of events, after trying to help the victim of violence.

Antony Root, executive vice president of HBO program and production for Europe, said “Success” is as a well-written drama that dives under the surface of contemporary urban life, revealing the story layer by layer.

”We are delighted to have discovered the brilliant young writer in Marjan and that we could welcome Dan to HBO Europe, on the occasion of the first series that he will direct, which is our first original drama from the Adria region,” Root mentioned.


(Source: faktor.ba)


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