Cyclists from Seven Countries competed on an attractive and demanding Track on Trebevic

August 21, 2017 8:30 AM

The third international race in mountain biking in downhill discipline TrebaDH 2017, which was held at Trebevic, was finalized with the winner announcement.

Participants performed in five classes and won cash and other prizes together with valuable points.

The only participant in the Women Hobby class was Viktoria Goncheva from Bulgaria.

In the Men Hobby class, the first three places went to participants from Hungary, Croatia and Montenegro, namely: Zoltan Glokker, Edi Barbalic, and Miljan Prodanovic.

In the Men Masters class, the first place went to Papp Norbert from Hungary with time 4: 58.385, the second place went to Luka Spanjol from Croatia (5: 03.205) and Marko Pavlovic from Serbia won the third place (5: 18.683).

Categories Men Junior and Men Elite had the largest number of competitors, and their ranking is following:

  1. Jan Cimperman, Slovenia, Men Elite
  2. Stivian Gatev, Bulgaria, Men Elite
  3. Teodor Mavrodiev, Bulgaria, Men Junior
  4. Mislav Bukovski, Croatia, Men Elite
  5. Ivan Basic, Croatia, Men Junior
  6. Martin Jurman, Croatia, Men Elite
  7. Noa Radolovic, Croatia, Men Junior
  8. Berislav Topol, Croatia, Men Elite
  9. Frano Liovic, Croatia, Men Elite
  10. Kamer Kolar, BiH, Men Elite
  11. Antonio Holjevac, Croatia, Men Elite
  12. Edin Pasic, Croatia, Men Elite
  13. Maks Tucman, Croatia, Men Elite
  14. Tarik Hadzic, BiH, Men Elite
  15. Borna Antic, Croatia, Men Elite
  16. Tin Gracin, Croatia, Men Junior
  17. Roko Kovacic, Croatia, Men Elite
  18. Zvonimir Grgic, Croatia, Men Elite

The two-day event was registered at the International Bike Association UCI in the class DHI C2, which is graded for the state championship of BiH, and it was held with good music, food, and drinks.

The race was conducted on an attractive and demanding 2,200 meters long trail. The organizer is the team of the Association for the promotion of extreme sports “Savages Crew”.




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