Custovic: After Australia, we will work with the Google Company in BiH as well

April 23, 2017 11:00 AM

eddie_custovic_rsa01The world’s largest Internet search engine, company Google, will invest in the training of BH professors of secondary schools, as well as their students, as noted by the scientist, inventor, and professor from the famous Australian La Trobe University, Bosnian Edhem Eddie Custovic.

Every year, Google announces grants on a variety of topics, one of which is giving the opportunity to young people and their teachers to go through the training of information technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

Custovic and his laboratory “La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry (LIEF),” received the first grant of that kind, and will realize it in the upcoming period in three rural cities of the state of Victoria, and then they will transfer the same program to BiH within the Congress “Technology and innovations for a brighter future” that he started last year in Sarajevo.

“We applied for Google’s grant which is called CS (4) HS and managed to get it. My team and I will perform an entirely new concept where we will implement training of secondary school professors on the basis of innovations and entrepreneurship. It is very important that this process, which we are already implementing at La Trobe University, is transferred to the professors and secondary school students as well. In this way, we will enable students to be better prepared for the new challenges that are ahead of them. In order to help as many students as possible and encourage them to innovative thinking, we need to start preparing them already during the secondary education,” noted Custovic.

The success of the program will be checked in 2018 when they will visit the schools that will participate in it, and check whether the teachers managed to transfer that knowledge to students through workshops and competitions.

“After that verification we will meet with representatives of Google, and apply to transfer that same program to BiH within the Congress “Technology and innovations for a brighter future”, in which we already in its second edition from the 1st to 4th of December will start to include high school students to receive tutoring of older colleagues and experienced world’s innovators, because that is very important for them, their future depends on it,” explained Custovic.

There is already great interest in the Congress that will be organized at the Burch University, and prominent names in the field of science and entrepreneurship will come again in Sarajevo. Besides BH students and secondary school students, their colleagues from the region will receive the opportunity to participate as well.



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