Current Situation with Number of active Cases of Coronavirus and Deaths in Bosnia and Herzegovina


To date, there are 2,267 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1,355 people have recovered, and 129 died.

According to the Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs, 48,528 people have been tested in BiH, and 10,514 are under current supervision.

In the Federation of BiH, there are 1,003 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, in the Republika Srpska the number is 1,244, and in the Brcko District 20 cases.

When it comes to recovered persons, in the Federation of BiH there are 780 recovered from coronavirus, in RS 559, and in Brcko District 16 persons.

The number of tested persons in the Federation of BiH is 27,065, in the RS 20,823, and in the Brcko District 640. According to the Federation of BiH, 6,377 people are currently under surveillance, 3,758 in the RS and 379 in the Brcko District.

There are 37 deaths in the Federation of BiH, 88 in the RS, and four in the Brcko District.


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