Croatian and Bosniak Member of BiH Presidency hosted the Statehood Day Ceremony

November 26, 2018 8:00 AM

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) marked its Statehood Day on Sunday here with wreaths-laying ceremonies and solemn reception in the presidency building here.

At the solemn reception, Bosniak member of BiH Presidency Sefik Dzaferovic recalled on the importance of this date in country’s history, saying that on Nov.25, 1943 BiH people jointly opposed the fascism during the World War Two.

“Amid those difficult historical circumstances, they had a vision and wisdom to restore and reaffirm the statehood and territorial integrity of BiH during the First Session of the National Antifascist Council for the Peoples Liberation of BiH (ZAVNOBiH),” Dzaferovic said, adding that the documents adopted during the session confirmed the multiethnic character and equality of all its citizens.

Dzaferovic continued his speech by saying that, since then, the country achieved significant progress on internal reintegration and its integration into the EU and NATO, and that various reforms have been implemented strengthening the internal and external sovereignty of the country.

For his part, the Croatian member of BiH Presidency Zeljko Komsic started his address by emphasizing that BiH is a homeland to diverse cultures and various ethnic groups, promoting tolerant and joint life of all of its citizens.

“The delegates of ZAVNOBiH, as well as all antifascists, were part of the global antifascist movement, “Komsic emphasized, adding that the similarities in traditional, religious and cultural expression of BiH have always been one of the major values of this country.

“BiH is, was and will be a country of inclusion, of Euro-Atlantic integration as an expression of will and wishes of its citizens and peoples,” Komsic said.

Only when BiH becomes the member of the EU, the process of constitution of BiH as a civil state will be finally completed, he concluded.

Serbian member of BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik did not attend the ceremony due to the fact that institutions of Republika Srpska, one of the entities in BiH where majority of Serbs live, do not accept Nov.25 as BiH statehood day. Instead of this day, RS residents celebrate Jan.9 as Day of Republika Srpska, marking the “Declaration on the Proclamation of the Republic of Serbian People in BiH” signed back in 1992.

On Nov.25th 1943, ZAVNOBiH adopted a resolution declaring BiH an equal community of Serbs, Muslims and Croats.


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