Croatia now accuses Bosnia: They should have brought Migrants in front of the EU Parliamentarians

Croatian Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister of that country, Davor Bozinovic, accused the side of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) of participating in an alleged performance at the border, when Croatian police banned parliamentarians of the European Union (EU) from checking the treatment of migrants.

Bozinovic states that everything was staged and that the Italian parliamentarians were on a private visit to the border between Croatia and BiH. He accused the BiH side of participating in it, Klix.ba writes.

“We are collecting and have more and more information about the performance that was supposed to happen at our border. There were helpers from the BiH side of the border, who were supposed to bring migrants illegally at the time when Italian EU parliamentarians were supposed to show up,” Bozinovic said for HRT.

He also accused the Croatian SDP of participating in this process, pointing out that the border police acted correctly.

To recall, four EU parliamentarians, Pietro Bartolo, Alessando Moretti, Pier Francesco Majorino, and Brando Benefei arrived at the border between BiH and Croatia over the weekend to check how Croatia was treating migrants, but the Croatian police prevented this without any arguments.

Politicians from Italy later said that they did not expect that.

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