Croatia is reconsidering Introduction of a self-isolation for Bosnians?


Croatia is reconsidering the introduction of a self-isolation measure for citizens coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, said Krunoslav Capak, director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, as a guest on the Croatian Radio show ‘Choose Health’, Avaz news portal reports.

Capak states that the pandemic is raging in other countries, and claims that there are about 300 cases a day in Serbia, and in BiH, as he said, the number of patients has jumped to more than 400, and the possibility of self-isolation for citizens coming from those countries is being considered.

He added that they warn citizens not to go shopping there because it is cheaper. Of course, this is not a free border, but you should report to Enter Croatia and the border police are considering the reason for entering the Republic of Croatia.

If it is justified, then those citizens are allowed to enter, and if there is no reason, then they are not. More than 50% of people who come to the border go back.

When it comes to tourists, the situation, as he says, is favorable for now.


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