Craftsmen from Gorazde to build a Tower Clock in the City Center

August 12, 2017 12:15 PM

Members of the Association “Old Crafts” from Gorazde initiated the construction of a twenty-meters-tall tower clock that would beautify part of the town core on the left bank of Drina River.

A memorial room is planned within the building as well, which is one of the symbols of the town on Drina River together with the clock-tower. It would be an attraction that would attract tourists and in which would be presented the information on the history of Gorazde as well as those who were engaged in old crafts in this town.

The idea came in response to the fact that the remains of the past are disappearing or they are completely neglected.

“We are trying to give our contribution to this city, and we came up with the idea to make a tower-clock that would be important for the city because it was a recognizable part of Gorazde once. We heard that the city administration is planning the reconstruction of the town square, so it would be good if they would fit this project into that. If they think the tower clock should be between buildings and two or three meters tall, then it will certainly not have its function. It would also include a memorial room to Gorazde, which would contribute to the development of tourism,” said Safet Efendic, the President of the Association “Old Crafts”.

“We do not have some significant, attractive facilities to show to people, and that is why this project is very important. If there are 100,000 tourists visiting Sarajevo, why would not there be 1000 visiting Gorazde, and if we want tourists in our city, then we have to offer them something. Everyone who had a chance to talk about this idea believes that it is very good, some of them even offered to help with the funding of the construction,” said Efendic.

He recalls that the conceptual solution will be presented to citizens and representatives of the government very soon.

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