Covic: We are waiting for Hahn’s Arrival

covicDragan Covic, the Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH and leader of HDZ, said that they are waiting for the arrival of the EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn on Friday with a bit of anxiety because a lot of things that were taken as an obligation in the last six to seven months have not been completed yet.

Covic said that he talked about priorities that are before the ruling coalition, primarily in FBiH, with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the United States Hoyt Brian Yee, and he said that he is expecting that leaders will manage to ” put on the agenda election of members of the Presidency, the House of Peoples, the Election Law, the subject of the City of Mostar” before the New Year.

“That represents one package of seeking for common solutions, and, on the other hand, we have to check whether conclusions in recent days that Radoncic, Izetbegovic and I made will give the results when it comes to the federal level of government,” said Covic.

Covic sees events on the political scene of this and next week as a sort of test for the ruling majority. If they realize what they agreed, primarily in terms of continuing the session of the Parliament of FBiH and the fulfillment of what is promised to the Government of FBiH, it would be a positive step forward.

“Then we could say to Hahn on Friday that we are very optimistic and we expect that our questionnaire gets adequate answers, without reflection of ambiguity in the next five to six months. That would mean that we could get candidate status at the end of next year,” said Covic.

Commenting on the statement of Vukota Govedarica, president of the SDS, that this party will request a special session in Parliament on justice or, otherwise, they will call a referendum in the RS, Covic said that the discussion on the judiciary is required, but without any ultimatums.

“We need to discuss these issues and I am convinced that we need to change relationships in the judiciary. However, until we change it, we must also respect what we have in order to avoid any kind of anarchic situation in BiH,” said Covic.


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