Covic: HDZ will vote against new Minister of Security

A meeting between SDA leaders Bakir Izetbegovic, HDZ leader Dragan Covic and SNSD leader Milorad Dodik ended in East Sarajevo, at which an agreement was to be reached on the appointment of numerous directors at the state level, Avaz news portal reports.

After the meeting, Dragan Covic said that they discussed three points.

“The first is the budget and we agreed that it will go through the regular procedure and that it will be completed by July 21st at the session of the House of Peoples. The second issue was the issue of the Election Law for the city of Mostar, and we agreed that it would follow the urgent procedure and it will be completed tomorrow,” said Covic.

“The third issue was the staff and we did not agree on anything. Basically, we keep the state we have so far with all the functions that we have recorded as special. We will further agree bilaterally on certain issues. As for the election of the Minister of Security, the HDZ’s position will be to vote against. It is unacceptable to share the Indirect Taxation Authority with anyone, it is a Croatian place and it will be so. State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) is defined as a Serbian place, Regulatory Agency as well. For Intelligence Security Agency, we will have to sit down and agree,” Covic added.

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