Cover Page: How The Independent wrote about Sarajevo under Siege?


The British newspaper The Independent celebrated 30 years since the first edition on the 7th of October 2016. On the occasion of this anniversary, 30 iconic cover pages of the newspaper were published , including the one about besieged Sarajevo.

Among the most important events of the world that were found on the cover page of The Independent, among 30 cult ones, is the cover page dedicated to besieged Sarajevo.

The newspaper with the headline “Sarajevo: Action Now” came out on sale on the 2nd of August 1993.

Independent wrote about the hardships of the people of BiH before the 2nd of August, when BiH was struck by aggression between 1992 and 1995. The cover page stated that it is dedicated to Sarajevo and how they did it out of anger, since their leaders were thinking if they should do something while Sarajevo was dying.

In the newspapers were print the names of 2,000 people who responded and sent messages of support and one of the objectives of this cover page was to change the attitude of the authorities towards BiH with possible pressure of domestic public who sympathized with citizens of BiH.

At the cover page was also stated that British people, their readers, did not wash their hands of BiH and that they request from the UK Prime Minister to pay attention to them.

The Independent called on the Western powers to turn words into deeds and to allow opening of the road that connects Mostar and Sarajevo as one of the main routes for the supply of the besieged city.

At that time politicians assured the British public, standing on the front page of The Independent, that it is impossible to take anything, given the fact that BH public does not want to take anything and that the enemy has surplus of weapon and power.

Among 30 cult cover pages, or stories that marked an entire era, were also inauguration of Tony Blair, the 11thof September, riots in London, the death of Margaret Thatcher, the liberation of the death of Nelson Mandela, the killing of African elephants etc.

(Source: S. B./Klix.ba )

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