Courts in the RS to punish Parents who refused to vaccinate their Children?

March 22, 2018 8:45 AM

Healthcare inspectors in the RS filed requests for misdemeanour proceedings before the competent courts against four parents who explicitly refused to vaccinate their children. Fine has already been determined to one of those parents.

According to spokeswoman for the Department of Inspection Affairs of the RS Dusanka Makivic, a fine for a parent who refuses to vaccinate a child with a vaccine from the program of system immunization is between 100 BAM and 1,000 BAM.

“In the past period, in the communication with health care institutions, it was realized that parents have different opinions on the topic of vaccination, which is the result of different information in the media and social networks. We are trying, whenever we have the opportunity, to act preventively and we displayed public announcements in healthcare institutions with which we retreated parents’ obligation to immunize their children, and all of that in order to protect the population from various contagious diseases and to further develop awareness on the large importance of immunization,” stated Makivic.

Both entities in BiH adopted the Law on the protection of population from contagious diseases and the Ordinance on immunization and chemoprophylaxis against infectious diseases in which was stated that, among other things, the obligatory immunization includes systematic immunization of children and young people.

However, the situation in the RS is largely improved thanks to the reduced anti-immunization campaign, but also thanks to better informing of the public, as well as all the available information on the epidemic of measles in other countries, especially in neighbouring Serbia.

They appealed to all parents in BiH once again to regularly immunize their children in order not to risk their own lives, or lives of other people.

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