Court of BiH issued Decision in Case of Ahmed Iftkhar et al.

On 11 December 2020, the Court of BiH issued a decision in the case of Ahmed Iftkhar et al. granting the Prosecutor’s Motion of 11 December 2020, and ordered custody of the suspects Ahmed Iftkhar, Sead Mukanović, Hidajet Gaković, Memaga Nuhanović, Zejid Šabić and Hasib Mehić. Under the decision, custody may last for a maximum of one month, running from the day of arrest, meaning from 9 December 2020 to 9 January 2021, or pending another decision of the Court.

The Court dismissed as ill-founded the Prosecutor’s Motion to order custody of the suspects Sead Mukanović, Hidajet Gaković, Memaga Nuhanović, Zejid Šabić and Hasib Mehić on the custody grounds set forth in Article 132(1)a) CPC BiH.

The following prohibitive measures were imposed on the suspects Senad Tahirović and Sanel Begović: ban on leaving place of residence under Article 126(1) CPC BiH, obligation to periodically report to the state authority under Article 126.a(1)d) CPC BiH, travel ban under Article 126(2) CPC BiH and the ban on meeting certain individuals under Article 126.a(1)c) CPC BiH.

The suspects under prohibitive measures are ordered to comply strictly with the orders and summonses issued by the Court, while the control of their justifiability will be carried out on a bi-monthly basis. The suspects under prohibitive measures will be remanded into custody if they breach any of the obligations imposed under Court of BiH decision.

Ahmed Iftkhar et a. are suspected of the criminal offense of Organized Crime.

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