The Court in The Hague confirmed Genocide in Srebrenica in the Case against Mladic as well?

November 22, 2017 1:15 PM

The Trial Chamber of Hague Tribunal found that the physical perpetrators had the intention to commit criminal offenses of genocide, persecution, extermination, and murder, as well as the inhumane act of forcible expel, over Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica. This means that genocide in Srebrenica was confirmed again in this case.

This was confirmed today in The Hague Tribunal by the Trial Chamber’s Presiding Judge Alphonse Orie while pronouncing the verdict to Ratko Mladic.

Executioners committed forbidden acts determined in the legal definition of genocide – killing and causing serious injuries to Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica who were part of the “protected group”.

While presenting the conclusion, Judge Orie read that Radovan Karadzic issued Directive 7 in 1995 and ordered the Drina Corps to create unbearable conditions of complete insecurity without any hope for further survival and life to the citizens of Srebrenica.

On March 31, 1995, Mladic signed the Directive 71, with which the Directive 7 was turned into operational military tasks. Around 15-20 days before the invasion on Srebrenica, the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) made a plan to attack the enclave with the intention for it to disappear, be emptied and that the area gets transformed into Serbian territory.

During the attack, the VRS started burning houses, thousands of Bosnian Muslims were killed, including women, children and the elderly people. The majority of military-capable men escaped on foot in an attempt to get to Tuzla.

On July 17, was signed a document on the evacuation of civilians in the Municipality of Kladanj under the supervision of UNPROFOR. Transport of around 25,000 Bosnian Muslims was organized in the territory that was controlled by the Army of RBiH in convoys of buses and trucks. Men were systematically separated, including boys over the age of 12 and men older than 60. It was said that they will come later. They never came, read Judge Orie.

Moreover, he read sections related to executions in Srebrenica, Bratunac, and Zvornik. They have systematically killed several thousand men and boys in the period of just a few days.

The Council described concrete examples such as the one at the Military Economy Branjevo. It was noted that they performed concealment of the crime by excavation of bones and transfer to other places, which was a failed attempt to conceal the crime.



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