Council of Ministers voted on Establishment of New Reception Centre for Migrants

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina have not reached a consensus during the vote on the proposal of the Decision on the establishment of a temporary reception center for accommodation of migrants at “Lipa”, and this decision will be on the agenda again in the second round of vote.

Yesterday, the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Selmo Cikotic, stated that the migrant crisis in our country will not end quickly or easily. At a round table in Sarajevo on the topic “Migrant Crisis – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020”, Cikotic said that the Council of Ministers of BiH should confirm today the decision to declare the Lipa camp a temporary reception centerKlix.ba writes.

“There is a plan to use the capacities of the Bira camp to accommodate migrants for two to three months, until the Lipa camp is ready,” Cikotic pointed out. 

He explained that these days the decisions of the Council of Ministers on the formation of a working group for the development of a five-year strategy for migration management are coming to an end. 

“With a certain set of measures, we managed to significantly reduce the number of migrants in BiH, but also to reduce their influx across the eastern border,” said Cikotic. 

The coordinator for humanitarian operations of the International Organization for Migration, Drazen Rozic, said that the EU funds significantly improved the conditions in the camps regarding the coronavirus pandemic. 

“However, migrants who are outside the camps do not have any health care and there is a danger of spreading the infection without knowing that they are infected,” Rozic added.

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