Corridor 5C: Works on Zenica Bypass are in full swing

October 16, 2017 11:30 AM

Works on the Zenica bypass on the Corridor 5C is taking place according to the planned dynamics, and on eight kilometers of road are constructed two tunnels, four viaducts, and one bridge.

Zenica currently represents the largest construction site at the Corridor 5C, which continues its route to Doboj after this bypass.

On the subsection Klopce – Pecuj tunnel in Donja Gracanica, which is connected to the subsection Drivusa – Klopce, works on the construction of the main route are currently taking place in the zone of Perin Han viaduct, as well as in the Pcuj and Ricice tunnels, the supporting lower and upper structure of the viaduct Ricice and the bridge Drivusa, the supporting construction of the bridge Babina Rijeka and viaduct Pehare.

“At this section was done 45 % of works on the tunnel, 25 % of works on bridges and 10 % of works on the route. Works on the removal of utilities are also taking place: water, electricity, and telecommunications installations,” as added by the PE Autoceste FBiH.

“We had some unwanted interruptions and delays in the construction of the open route of the highway. Landslides have been activated on two locations, there is Bosna River at the locality where Drivusa Bridge is being built, as well as the existing gas pipeline and the Djulan’s spring. This is why the whole process of implementation of this project is very complex,” as explained by the PE Autoceste FBiH.

The total value of works for both sub-sections amounts to a total of 140 million EUR, and funds were secured from the international financial institutions. Funds for the subsection Klopce – Pecuj (Donja Gracanica) were provided by the OPEC International Development Fund and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), while the funds for subsection Drivusa – Klopce were secured by Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAER).

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