Coronavirus Positive Bosnian Young Girl started receiving Threats


Girl Sandra Sahat from Puracic is one of those who, like many people in the world, is battling with coronavirus these days.  She is currently at Clinical University Tuzla, and says that she is feeling good and that she hopes everything will be fine, Klix.ba news portal reports.

In an interview with Fena news agency, she explained how she found out she was infected and what she was experiencing afterwards.

She worked on a cruiser in the States, and that she thinks she got a coronavirus on her return home at one of the airports, because before she went home, everyone on the cruiser was tested negative.

“After that, I came to Lukavac, in self-isolation. Five days later I got the first symptoms, which was a total loss of taste and smell, which was very strange. The next day it was accompanied by severe pain in my bones and muscles. I immediately called an epidemiologist. They responded immediately and tested me, after which they found me positive, “Sandra Sahat says.

She added that shortly after, when it was announced that one person from Lukavac had been infected, she started receiving threats, “because the place is small and everyone knows.”

She says that not only her but her family received threats, and that they could not go into the store to buy something.

“I have received threatening calls that if I go out on the street that terrible things will happen to me. I don’t understand, because if I was in isolation for nine days, why would I go out after learning that I was positive for coronavirus. I would tell people we are not guilty of being sick and in these situations we should support each other, not stigmatize, “says Sahat.

She recommended that people pay attention to the symptoms she cited, noting that she did not have a major symptom – fever or cough.  She says her cough only appeared two days ago.


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