Coronavirus is preventing Tens of Thousands People from Voting in Bosnia

Due to the great pressure on the health system, the inaccuracy of local health and communal authorities, poor election organization and the lack of adequate records, tens of thousands of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be able to vote because they have no evidence of being positive for coronavirus or are in isolation.

Currently, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are slightly more than 30,000 active cases of infection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the number of people in isolation is far higher, Nezavisne writes.

“This seriously endangers the already contaminated electoral process from all sides, and many people will be deprived of their basic democratic right because they did not think in time about how to ensure that they vote,” Tanja Topic, a political analyst, told Nezavisne.

Namely, in order for a person who is positive or in isolation to be able to vote on election day, it is necessary to submit to the municipal election commission a finding of a health institution confirming that the voter is positive or an act of isolation by Sunday, November 15, nine o’clock.

However, the problem is that such confirmations are delayed by more than ten days. Yesterday, no one, at least not officially, could tell how those who have been tested and who have symptoms, but do not have the necessary documentation, will vote, even though we have contacted several municipal election commissions.

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