Convoy previously halted because of Coronavirus, now moves to Bosnia and Herzegovina


The trucks, which were kept at the border because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, were moving through Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Hungary, Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic stated on Sunday.

Bozinovic, who is also the head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, said last night that the convoy of had been held at the Italian-Slovenian borders, Nezavisne news portal reports.

He stressed that he was in intensive contact with the Slovenian Minister of the Interior, but also with the Ministers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary to agree on the regime of transport and supply.

“I am pleased that the traffic has started. All the ministers I have spoken to have reacted promptly and it is important that we all remain in agreement that nothing in this regime changes without prior coordination,” Bozinovic told Croatian media.

Following the release of freight traffic, it is expected that the problem of the congestion that has arisen from different national border regime decisions regarding the Corona virus epidemic will be resolved.



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