Continuation of Excavations of Mass Grave, Parts of Bones and Clothing found

On Igman Mountain, between the localities of Golo Brdo and Lokvice, the continuation of works on the excavation of the mass grave found yesterday at this site, which is supposed to contain the remains of twelve and possibly more missing persons from the area of Donji Hadzici during the recent war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Searching for truth about the fate of these people who left for free territory in July 1992, was unsuccessful for years, said Ferida Nisic, the secretary of the Association for the search of the captured and missing persons of the Hadzici municipality.

According to her allegations, parts of footwear and clothing, skeletons of the upper arm and parts of other human bones have been found by the team involved in mass graves.

In the opinion of on-site experts, these are the remains of at least seven people, Nisic said.

A joint search for mass graves was conducted involving the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ), the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), investigators of the Institute of Missing Persons (INO) of BiH.

After the exhumation, the remains will be handed over to further judicial-medical treatment, analysis and identification of the identity through the DNA sample.

According to initial information, it is assumed that the victims are Bosniaks from the area of Donji Hadzici, who disappeared in the summer of 1992.


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