Construction of Four Border Crossings in Bosnia-Herzegovina planned this Year


During this year, the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) will allocate 13 million BAM for infrastructure projects, including the construction of four international border crossings.

The ITA plans to start construction of the Doljani, Bratunac, Svilaj and Osoje border crossings in the coming period.

The construction of the new border Doljani, one of the busiest crossings between BiH and Croatia, will cost 4 million BAM, as well as for BC Osoje also between BiH and Croatia.

The construction of the international Bratunac and Svilaj GPs is planned during 2020. The construction of the ITA facility for accommodation of customs and police at the airport in Banja Luka will cost 2 million BAM, while the reconstruction of the archives in Mostar will cost one million BAM.

It is planned to allocate one million marks for the reconstruction of the existing Regional Center facility in Tuzla, and 950,000 BAM for the procurement of land, project documentation and infrastructure for the construction of border crossings for border traffic (13 locations).

The construction of these border crossings is funded by IPA 2017. The second phase of the acquisition of video surveillance is also planned. But when all the work will start is not yet known, Klix writes.


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